Water and power are in!

The water system is now ready at Tierra del Sueno providing nice high pressure water right to each Phase I lot.  Each lot has a valve in place which connects to a 10,000 liter tank on top of the hill providing gravity feed, which means there is water even when the power is out.  The tank is fed by 2 wells in the valley that are equipped with top quality Franklin Electric pumps and controls.

Power has recently been installed as well to all lots in Phase I, and we are just waiting the final connection and then we are ready to build!  After a delay while the regional power provider, Disnorte, tested and upgraded the power grid, we were approved and power lines are now in.  We opted for a configuration whereby power poles were placed along the lower access road amongst the trees so as not to affect the sea views of any lot.  From the power poles each lot owner will be responsible for running underground power lines to their building sites.

The owners have just released Lots #14 and 15 and they are sure to sell fast so contact us if you want one!


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