Vanessa and EJ Find Their Second Home at Tierra Del Sueno

EJ and Vanessa Plimley are long time surfers traveling the globe every winter to switch up the lifestyle from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, to waves and tropical weather. The call to be South had been overriding the mountain sports of climbing, skiing, and biking, and Southern trips became longer and longer.

They first fell in love with Central America 14 years ago and traveled extensively in search of the specific dream spot to call their second home. After seven years they pulled into Nahualapa, and knew immediately that the search was over. They met Kim and Holly while surfing and were introduced to Tierra Del Sueno. After wandering around lot 2, already planning the layout of the house, they knew they’d found it.

They are hoping to come back over the winter and build their first structure. EJ is a project manager, Vanessa a Life Coach, Personal Trainer, and Hiking Guide. We are really excited to welcome them to the community as our new neighbors!

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